Jury Statement

Berndt Berndtsson, Juraj Duris, Kaija Saariaho, Stockholm Electronic Arts Award, September 1, 1997

Nuit cendre: A musically expressive piece of the highest quality where the composer, with admirable economy of means, transports us through acoustic environments which are sometimes reverential, sometimes terrifying.

Through an interplay of sounds from daily life and synthesized material he makes us aware of the conflict of realities in life in an industrial society.

The natural sounds have been transformed so as to acheive a kinship with the synthesized sounds, a kinship which the composer uses deftly to attain his aesthetic goals.

The acoustic material is used to build up clear musical gestures with a refined and sensitive ear. Musical intensity is not created with heavy sound masses, as so often in electroacoustic music, but through precise compositional interplay of contrasting elements.

The general impression is one of skill, sensitivity and awareness of the value of surprise.

A musically expressive piece of the highest quality…