Noah Wane, Splendid E-Zine, December 8, 1997

If you’re looking for an electroacoustic primer, consider purchasing a copy of Presence. On it you’ll find 23 compositions by 23 composers — each track offering a different take on EA music. Note, also, that the pieces on Presence span a time frame from 1977 to 1996, resulting in a broad sampling of EA techniques and media. You’ll find sterile, digital pieces like Kevin Austin’s Static Gestures II, process-oriented pieces like Steve Bradley’s Tape Measure, ambient (in the true sense!) pieces like John Wynn’s Flamingo! and haunting, acousmatic pieces like Monique Jean’s IF. The composers on Presence range from long-time academics to self-taught d.i.y.-ers and track lengths are anywhere from 00:53 to 14:45. The result is that Presence offers 23 marvelously diverse snapshots from the world of electroacoustic music. Kudos to the CEC for their efforts in making serious electroacoustic music more available to the public .

… this really is an impressive, listenable collection of electronic music.