Stéphane Roy, Computer Music Journal, no. 22:2, June 1, 1998

Mouvances~Métaphores was first released in 1991, but has long been out of stock. empreintes DIGITALes / DIFFUSION i MéDIA has released a second edition of this double-CD set. Completed between 1982 and 1989, this work contains two large cycles, Cycle de l’errance and Les dérives du signe. The new edition includes some remixing and a complete repackaging; the discs are now sold separately rather than together, and the original booklet, which ran to over 200 pages, has been divided between the two, with the lengthy, but by now outdated, tribute celebrating Francis Dhomont’s 65th birthday relegated to the status of collector’s item.

Cycle de l’errance evokes in a highly poetic way the idea of departure, of travel—real or imagined—and the existential sadness associated with it. Three works make up this cycle: Points de fuite (Vanishing Points), 1981 … mourir un peu (… dying a little), 1984; and Espace / Escape (a bilingual anagram, “espace” meaning “space”), 1989. Here, Mr Dhomont was in part inspired by his own experiences, as witnessed by his program note: “wandering both in its proper and figurative meanings — movement, change, mobility, roving dreams upheaval, and revivals—all weave the very material of my life.”

… evokes in a highly poetic way the idea of departure…