George Zahora, Splendid E-Zine, October 19, 1998

Released as part of empreintes DIGITALes’ “bargain” range of electroacoustic CDs, Titakti provides a good opportunity to get your metaphorical feet wet in the less immediately musical aspects of electroacoustic composition. These four sonic studies address the experiences, moods and cultural differences of the artist during his time spent in the Canadian Arctic among the Inuit peoples. With the exception of occasional string instruments and various natural percussion, the disc is “built” primarily of Inuit conversations, mouth-sounds and environmental noises (including wind, animals, birds and the sounds made by humans going about their lives). The listener immediately discovers that Inuit language is very different, an extremely economical form of communication that is also far more varied in the range of sounds it employs. While Meta Incognita addresses the isolation and intimacy of the land, Nippingit—la parole deals with conversation and interviews. La guerre is an alarming, confrontational “battle” between voice and vocalization, with trance-like chants used as ranged weapons. Plan séquence is an immersive auditory tour of a small Inuit village; make sure you’ve got good speakers for this one. Like all good electroacoustic works, Titakti succeeds in entertaining despite its paradigm-shattering departure from (and total lack of resemblance to) mainstream music — perhaps this will be the one with which you begin your own exploration…

… this will be the one with which you begin your own exploration.