Peter Wullen, Gonzo Circus, December 1, 1998

The most modern of the three is the [Canadian based-] Breton-Algerian studio composer Ned Bouhalassa, who goes out to search for inspiration in the street whenever he’s fed up with the studio. On Aérosol he is inspired by street-life, film, science fiction, graffiti and even techno music. Bouffée délirante (1990) is Bouhalassa’s first attempt to make “cinema for the ear.” Attraction is Ned’s nihilistic credo. Magnetic fluxes attract or repel each other. Constamment (autoportrait) is an [electro]acoustic self-portrait in five parts illustrating five phases in the life of the composer.

empreintes DIGITALes shows with these three new albums that electroacoustic music is constantly in flux and cannot be narrowed into an academic corner. [English translation: Jean-François Delannoy and Berry de Bruijn]