Canary Burton, Alternate Music Press, December 31, 1998

This album has one cut… the whole album. Starting with silence… then gradually letting the listener in on what is happening… Calon DOES explore space. Les corps éblouis was commisssioned by the Ina-GRM and the French state. On a formal level,Les corps éblouis is a work in which, through the development of the principle of metamorphosis, the result is that the Form is only legible superficially, and that it grows on the listener according to an irrational process.

And music itself is heard using an “irrational process.” Oh yes, composers and other music professionals can use their “rational mind”… to take things apart, and sometimes to enjoy, but basically music is visceral. You either like it, it touches you somewhere… or it doesn’t. Lots of times one can hear a piece for the first, second or third times and dislike or be indifferent to it. And then the fourth time, love it! I have found that I didn’t like certain music in a period of my life and then heard it again years later and either understood or enjoyed it.

This “underwater” … uh… “outer space” … “inner space?” … oh, whatever! IS enjoyable to me on the first hearing, but then, I LIKE space music. I like the listening rather than knowing the HOW of creation.

Les corps éblouis is sanity making for me. It almost sounds like what I imagine my blood coursing through my veins would sound like it if I was in one of those “no reflection” sound chambers. Especially part way in to the “music”… a rushing sound like blood in the ears. We ALL like to “hear” ourselves… this is sorta like that.

Now I hear the ocean, a tinkle of glass wind chimes, a glitter of bugs. Of course that’s what I hear… you may hear other things in it. A towing of whales… a metallic sound next. since I hear ocean, I hear the rigging of sailboats. But maybe tomorrow I will hear it different. There is alot here to hear! And it grows and grows!

The now familier “computer” sounds… things played backwards… maybe. Eeks and Awks, but all in soft, interesting combinations… nothing to upset the listener from reverie. You must be able to tell by now that I hope you will support this artist and buy his album!

I hope you will support this artist and buy his album!