BLG, Downtown Music Gallery, June 1, 2007

Following the electro-mechanical exploration of 21 Situations, Martin Tétreault and Otomo Yoshihide now focus on phonograms and the devices that transform them. An initial, intensely dynamic Studio encounter, recorded live and with no reprocessing, makes up CD1. Then both artists went to work with their respective equipment to reprocess raw material not used on CD1. Tetreault used obsolete tape recorders to create a flowing analogue remix: Analogique CD2. Yoshihide used an ultramodern computer to generate a vigorous, staccato digital reconstruction: Numérique CD3. Each produced his remix without consulting the other - these are two distinctive personal journeys, each taken with the aid of widely different equipment that marked the way the sounds were produced and reproduced throughout. The first listening was a surprise for them - there are three surprises in store for you!