François Couture, AllMusic, January 1, 2000

Hans Tutschku is approaching electroacoustic composition in a way quite reminiscent of Francis Dhomont’s masterwork Sous le regard d’un soleil noir, a parallel that is not limited to both men’s use of human speech. Tutschku stirs his sonic matter and suddenly takes an armful and throws it at the speakers. The music is destabilizing, even creepy at times, thanks to a wonderful integration of voices in multiple languages (German, French, Spanish). Tutschku’s “cinema for the ear” often provides a setting for a poem embodied in the work. Antonio Bueno Tubia, Karl Lubomirski and Georg Trakl have poems treated this way. Les invisibles and Sieben Stufen both have complex structures derived from numbers 5 and 7, but instead of making them more opaque, it gives them particular relief. For a first collection (these works have been written from 1991 to 1998), Moment makes a very strong debut.

… a very strong debut.