Geert De Decker, Sztuka Fabryka, July 1, 2000

The CD brings us 5 compositions, composed by Ned Bouhalassa from 1992 towards 1998, which shows us the progress in his acoustic work. Each compositions can be seen as collage work for fantastic movies played internal in the subconscious of your brain. The best is to put your CD Walkman on, close your eyes and browse through his acoustic compositions. The music will overwhelm you with collages of recorded sounds and fresh sounds that tickers around. He does not creat music that starts and develops towards an end, no it is a constant flood of combination of sounds that creates several levels and a big variety within the compositions. Sometimes the compositions makes you sleeply, a few minutes later the very strong use and combination of sounds and collage can drive you into hypnotisation and even a psychose. In his later work he used mostly the collage technic of recorded sounds while in his earlier work the use of created sounds overwhelms. The composition is not music ‘as such’ but is the reflection of stories in sounds as an opera in the digital age. That is maybe also why the tracks are long — 8:22 is the shortest track. The reflection of the stories is the main reason for these compositions, a very difficult task for a single person, but Ned Bouhalassa succeeds in his task.

The music will overwhelm you…