Geert De Decker, Sztuka Fabryka, July 1, 2000

For us it is a completely new form of music, never heard by us before. But it is a very surprising one. It is putting together all kinds of sounds and a search for the most strange sounds that surrounds us for creating very delicate compositions. These compositions does not stress rhythm or music, but the beauty of how sounds can appear when you start to compose with it. To understand this kind of music we quote from the enclosed booklet about the composition Aquaéra from Stephan Dunkelman (Belgium):Aquaéra constitutes my first attempt at composing with sonic elements sampled from reality whose morphological substance infers or moulds the movements of other acting elements.” We recommend this CD for those who seek ultimate compositions of sounds. Musique concrète is the alchemy of sounds.

… for those who seek ultimate compositions of sounds.