Tom Schulte, Outsight, October 1, 2000

Probably the most fertile grounds for contemporary electroaoustic (experimental sound collage) composition is in eastern Ontario. From there you will find a wholly new aural universe in [empreintes DIGITALes]. Recent releases on the label include Moment by Hans Tutschku and Corazón Road by Kristoff K.Roll. One of Tutschku’s pieces is a travelogue of Southeast Asia through sonic collage of field recordings. Another piece is the transformed words of a poem. In a setting of haunting, industrial sounds like distant machines the effect is quite mysterious. Corazón Road is another peculiar travelogue. This is a road diary of Kristoff K.Roll’s journeys through Central America. Snatches of conversation and the mystique of lonely roads marks this album.

… you will find a wholly new aural universe…