Geert De Decker, Sztuka Fabryka, November 1, 2000

All 5 tracks on this CD are electroacoustic compositions wherein he work with several recorded sounds. [Hans Tutschku] experiments with these sounds, just plays them and makes compositions or re-aranges the sounds in several ways so that completely new sounds are created. On each track he handles the sounds completely differently and focuses himself on a specific source of sounds.

In the first track for example he uses sounds he recorded in Asia. This track last about 16 minutes and is a composition that has the almost mystical touch of Asia, soft strange sounds. In a second track he uses voices and transformations of voices, somewhere else there are again vocal and instrumental sounds. The use of vocals or the voice as instrument is present in the majority of the compositions. Also instrumental sounds such as bells, strings, sounds that sounds as creeping doors, and certain daily background sounds are present in his works, or sounds that sounds as such sounds. So difficult it is to describe his work. The compositions can be compered as opera because there is a certain theatrical atmosphere in the music. It not tells a story, the sounds just brings a theatrical atmosphere.

… the sounds brings a theatrical atmosphere.