Geert De Decker, Sztuka Fabryka, November 1, 2000

This release [Louis Dufort’s Connexion] contains 4 tracks of strange and difficult music. You have got to take time and attention while listening to this music. Let us call the tracks again compositions.

The compositions are made of a secure mix of sounds who all create a various atmospheres. The atmosphere can go from ambient towards electronic worlds. The use of silence is also explicit in the compositions, the sounds are mostly not mixed. A certain sound comes up and slowly creates an atmosphere and then the mood of the music transforms from one second to another. Electronic worlds are created with noisy and high tune sounds that are tickering around, music transforms quickly and a flood of sounds comes to you. Moments of silence build up the atmosphere and creates a very strong tension in the compositions. Strong electronic music full of tension.

Strong electronic music full of tension.