Catherine Perrey, Ici Montréal, no. 4:7, November 2, 2000

You sought a means for better knowing the electroacoustic music? To celebrate its 10 years and to also celebrate the 50 years of the musique concrète, the Montréal-based label empreintes DIGITALes, specialized in electroacoustics, has just published an enticing compilation. They are samples drawn from the general collection, expressing the diversity of style, esthetics and matter (acousmatic, concrète, electronic, experimental) of 22 composers from Europe and North America. Moreover, the extracts presented can seduce beginners, which deserves points amply. Discover, amongst others, the pearls of Dhomont, Chion, or Normandeau, most important figures of the field. Deploy your ears and you will better understand the slogan of empreintes DIGITALes: music to be listened into. (9/10)

… the extracts presented can seduce beginners…