Geert De Decker, Sztuka Fabryka, January 5, 2001

On this CD [Figures] there are 4 compositions, each last between 11 or 19 minutes. The first track is called Le renard et la rose (1995) — “The fox and the rose” in English — is composed with sounds that comes from a track used for a radio-play of The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry and voices of the actors at this play. Robert Normandeau uses the sounds to create an ambient drone atmosphere where some sounds are rhythmical used by means of repetition, echo and reverberation. Sometimes the atmosphere is slow while where repetition is used the tempo goes up.

Figures de rhétorique (1997) is the second composition and starts with a contemporary piano play (Jacques Drouin) where slowly some soft metallic ticking sounds are added, both interact slowly while to the end they really start a fast and more disturbing interaction.

The third track Venture (1998) is again an atmospheric composition with several moods wave sounds comes slowly up and disappear faster followed with an ambient atmosphere. There are moments of tranquil atmospheres while a few seconds later there is a drone mood. With the atmosphere he creates in this composition, he wants to reach six movements: innocence, stability, tension, frenzy, violence and serenity. Something that succeeds him very well because as in the six movements there are moments of a true war between the sounds but followed with peace.

The final composition Ellipse (1999) the sounds used in this composition are warm as it are string and wood sounds. It is a composition of contemporary classical music made with guitar. The guitar is not used to play on in an academic way but string and wood sounds are created by using in a non-conform way. These sounds are recorded and mixed in multiple so that a warm contemporary classical play is created.