Tom Wilms, L’entrepôt, March 1, 2001

Adrian Moore first came into contact with electroacoustic music in his hometown of Nottingham at a concert given by Denis Smalley. The performance of tape pieces using multiple loudspeakers interested him and his further study under Jonty Harrison at the University of Birmingham offered the opportunity of composing and working with BEAST (Birmingham ElecrtoAcoustic Sound Theatre). He is currently Lecturer in Music at Scheffield Universtiy and he is also a director of Sonic Arts Network, the UK’s national organisation for the promotion of creative use of technology in the composition and performance of music.

The works on this disc fall into three categories: those verging towards the abstract (Junky, Dreamarena), those focusing upon re-hearing natural sound-objects (Study in Ink, Foil-Counterfoil) and the ‘radiogenic’ (Sieve).

Junky and Dreamarena, that part that tensions the abstract, is to describe as ‘electroacoustic ambient, Junky has simple melodic and harmonic structures, Dreamarena is more abstract.

Adrian Moore: “The works on Traces offer a search for the hidden, both within the piece and within the sound. It is this hidden property in certain sounds that still excites the ear. The microphone offers us the chance to examine these hidden qualities, such as the sound of a marker pen on a whiteboard, the sole sound-source used for study in Ink. An everyday sound that could perhaps be described onomatopoeically by the word “squeak” offers surprising versatility when examined through the microphone, extending even to ‘human’ characteristics of strength, weakness, enquiry, frivolity, humour and self-parody.”

Foil-Counterfoil works with different sound sources. Here he has searched also to hidden sounds: he puts the microphone extremely tide to the sound source.

Sieve, is a ‘radiogenic’ work dealing with natural sounds and the electronic manipulations of these sounds. “In Sieve, a huge amount af sonic data is thrown at the listener, who naturally is asked to make sense of it.”

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