Gary Flanagan, Nightwaves, no. 8, April 1, 2001

This is a lovingly produced tribute to musique concrète. According to the liner notes, this disc features twenty four short works by as many new composers from around the Western world. It celebrates the 50th anniversary of musique concrète and its subsequent development. I have never been a huge afficionado of noise and/or musique concrète, but for those of you who enjoy the more experimental aspects of sound and recording, then you really must give this fine compilation a try. Noise artists from countries as diverse as Canada, England, Australia, Sweden and France are featured, and the results are a veritable mixed bag of sound sculpture. Some of the tracks are frightening, others are mysterious, while others seem to hold no emotional content at all. I must applaud the daring nature of Diffusion i Media . Their releases are consistently unique and bold. Also, it must be said that the packagaing for this CD is absolutely gorgeous… some of the prettiest, most colorful liner notes and inserts that I have ever seen! Very well done.

I must applaud the daring nature of DIFFUSION i MéDIA.