Gary Flanagan, Nightwaves, no. 8, April 1, 2001

Bouhalassa is a French composer of acousmatic music, and it appears that his name is widely renowned in experimental circles. Aérosol is yet another release from Diffusion i Media which belongs to their ‘short duration/half-price’ series. Bouhalassa’s talents are constantly in demand in the Montréal area, where he also teaches at Concordia University. Aérosol stands as a less abrasive and more «musical» release in comparison to the other DiM CDs. The artist’s attraction to cinema and science fiction is quite evident in the music — it holds a very atmospheric and suggestive quality. The track Constamment (autoportrait), really kicks in at the 10 minute mark. The techno flourishes are devine. Move 1 is a very minimal track which passes by like a strange dream. If you find many of the modern examples of noise too haphazard and experimental for your tastes, then you may just find this release to your likeing.

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