Portrait: Marc Tremblay

François Couture, AllMusic, August 1, 2001

A maverick electroacoustic composer based in the unlikely town of Matane, in a rural region of Quebec, Marc Tremblay has worked with video artists and improvisers. His work as a tape music composer is chronicled on the 1999 CD Bruit-graffiti released by the very serious label empreintes DIGITALes. His vernacular approach and obsession with quotes from pop music and movies makes his music much more accessible than the other artists in the label’s roaster.

Born 1960, in Hauterive (Quebec, Canada), Marc Tremblay was first interested in percussion, pushing his studies to the Conservatory in Chicoutimi. He later shifted to music composition and electroacoustic music at the Montréal Conservatory, studying with Clermont Pépin, Jacques Faubert and Yves Daoust, whose sense of narrative and ability to use outsider music genres he inherited. He earns his living as a recording techniques teacher at the Matane College.

From 1991 to 1994, Tremblay was a member of the ACREQ (Quebec Association for Creation and Research in Electroacoustics). His works L’argent… toujours l’argent! (1990) and «… Ceci est un message enregistré…» (1994) won international prizes and brought him a residency in Bourges (France). In the late 1990s he diversified his activities, trying to bring tape music into unfamiliar multidisciplinary territories. He has collaborated with video artist Boris Firquet (of the Grand Orchestre d’Avatar and El Tractor), improvisers Martin Tétreault and Michel Ratté, and writer Gilles Arteau.

A maverick electroacoustic composer…

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