Gianfri, Darklife, no. 6, August 8, 2001

A further dose of sonic experimentation is dumped on us by Adrian Moore, who formed his avant garde electroacustic mind at schools in Nottingham and London, and presently lectures music at the University of Sheffield. So much for the academic side and let’s come to the facts. Just as avoiding to mislead some of you, electroacustic here is intended as acoustic sound sources processed electronically, much the food of many avantgardists. One stunning example on this CD is Study in Ink, 10-minute worth of sonic madness generated with the single sound of a marker on a whiteboard! The level of abstraction in Traces is quite high, especially in Dreamarena, while Sieve propose a sort of psycho-collage of sounds you could get around you in everyday life. The opening Junky bears traits of musical structure, electing it as the most accessible track on the disc, whose ambient fell throughtout makes it appetising for more “classic minded” experimentalist.

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