Boomkat, August 5, 2011

Engrossing side of dynamic modern musique concrète by this French-Canadian artist. Already praised by The Wire as “utterly compelling”, Bernier works with the splicing skill of a film editor on usure.paysage to weave a disorienting narrative of disjointed high definition samples and stray sonics. A diffuse rendering and microscopic attention to detail heightens the immersive, hyperreal effect of his persistently shifting arrangements: he never settles on one sound for long, each fragment is placed, swiped away, and juxtaposed with others with a considerate and intriguing flow with never gets tedious or feels random. Over four pieces, ranging from 3 to 11 minutes, we’re wrenched from rattling trains carriages to explosive klangs, extruded through inimitably textured, frictional clouds of heck-knows-what to ear-craning pauses populated with tinkling bells, via stereo-strafing cars and fluid waves of digital static. If you’ve been following Giuseppe Ielasi’s Senufo Editions, in particular the Oreledigneur and Raionbashi sides, or picked up Reinhold Freidl’s Inside Piano LP, this will surely capture your imagination.

… this will surely capture your imagination.