Listening Diary

François Couture, Monsieur Délire, September 12, 2011

Speaking of lightness and mediation through culture, Le projet Ulysse is the perfect opposite of Désordres [by Roxanne Turcotte]. Firmly rooted in the myth of Ulysses, this work is backed by an extensive narrative in French, English and German. These lyrics are the star of this show, and their multiple and difficult meanings are making it difficult to focus on the music or the electroacoustic treatments. Among the voices participating to this work are singer Shelley Hirsch (who does a lot more than narrating), actor Gabriel Gascon, poet Fortner Anderson, playwright Wajdi Mouhawad, and composer Ned Bouhalassa. Interesting fact: this DVD-Video release includes a video track with stills from the performance and a scrolling graphic score.