Metamorphic Journeyman, November 21, 2001

Since Daoust’s official entry into the professional world of music in 1978, he has composed an average of one work per year, in various genres, for diverse occasions, and ensembles including film and stage soundtracks, multi-disciplinary performances and concert works. He was awarded the Euphonie d’Or prize (Bourges 1993) for his work Quatuor (Anecdotes IMED 9106) consecrated as a “classic” in electroacoustic music. Bruits is a third recording by Yves Daoust on empreintes DIGITALes (Anecdotes 1991; Musiques naïves 1998). 4 works, 4 commissions; from Québec organizations as well as French and British organizations. The title work is a postcard, a sonic portrait of a landscape dear to Daoust: Montréal. You will be introduced to the children of the city, its nights and festivities. Daoust chose to be a witness of an environment in La gamme as well. Bruits is a most interesting release, an opportunity to dig deeper into the creative realms of one of Québec’s most important electroacoustic composer.

… a most interesting release…