Listening Diary

François Couture, Monsieur Délire, April 24, 2012

Nicolas Bernier seems fascinated with machines — the old mechanical kind that needs some elbow grease to get going. Travaux mécaniques (out on DVD-A with surround and stereo mixes) culls four electroacoustic works about these machines. In Writing Machine, treated typewriter sounds accompany cut-ups of William S Burroughs’ voice. Les chambres de l’atelier and Liaisons mécaniques evoke gears, cogs, assemblages, sequences of actions entailing other actions, fantastic cause-and-effect relationships. Dans le ventre de la machine takes us into the belly of the beast, an immersive journey through a soundscape of gears, with Mario Savio’s famous Bodies upon the gears speech thrown in for good measure. Travaux mécaniques paints a highly complex soundworld where there’s a lot happening on many levels. There’s not a single second of downtime. Possibly Bernier’s most dynamic record to date. Highly recommended.

Possibly Bernier’s most dynamic record to date.

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