Geert De Decker, Sztuka Fabryka, January 14, 2002

Electroacoustic sounds are the main theme in all the 5 compositions on this CD. The various sound sources makes the small variety in the compositions. Track 1 was made of some sound sources which were processed. It creates an electric sound in an ambient atmosphere. The atmosphere is important in this composition. In a first part the music is slow in a second part the pitch of the sounds are faster which highlights the rhythms. It ends in a combination of both parts. The atmosphere continuous in track 2 Dreamarena this composition creates a more dramatic atmosphere where sounds can fade away and a set of sounds are able to create a disturbing feeling. The composition creates mixed emotions with moments of relaxation and tension. Track 3 Study in Ink is the recording of sounds which a marker pen makes on a white board. Also this composition creates an atmosphere of relaxation and tension. With the returning high sounds of the marker pen on the board when pressure on the pen is high or low. Adrian Moore shows in all compositions that he is a master in adapting the sound sources which creates a high level of computerized music. In track 4 Foil-Counterfoil, foil is used as instrumental material for the composition. Recorded very close to the microphone so that the little sounds it makes can be captured and used for the sounds. The form of this composition is the same as the early ones. Also in his last composition he continues with the adaptation of sounds for the creation of an atmosphere of relaxation and tension. Here natural and street sounds are the recorded material. Sometimes used as they are, which slowly are transformed into electracoustic sounds or combined with adapted sound sources. This CD shows us that with a few simple sounds as those created with a marker pen, a high level musician should be able to use it for creating musical sounds.

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