Where’s the CD Review?

Matthew McFarlane, Where’s the Beat?, May 6, 2002

Francis Dhomont has become legendary both in his native France and his adopted Canada. As one of the founders of what many call the “Montréal School” of acousmatics, Dhomont’s musical style is all his own. How exciting therefore that empreintes DIGITALes has released another disc of his music. This disc is comprised of four linked works: Objets retrouvés, AvatArsSon, Novars and Phonurgie. Each piece pays homage to the history of musique concrète and electroacoustics. Novars strikes me as the strongest of the three. Dhomont has clearly constructed this piece with a lot of thought about musical structure. Quotations of Schaeffer and Machaut never sound forced or inconsistent with the other material. Moreover, it is Dhomont’s placement of sound, the use of repeated gestural fragments and his fabulous feeling of sonic space that makes not only Novars but in general the whole disc wonderful. Without a doubt more difficult than his previous discs like Forêt profonde Dhomont always draws us to his unique sonic environment.

Dhomont always draws us to his unique sonic environment.