Frans de Waard, Vital, May 23, 2002

Canadian composer Francis Dhomont, whose previous work has been released by the same label, thought it to be about time to pay hommage to 50 years of musique concrète. That is around 1998, because three out of four works were composed then and it has been then 50 years ago that Pierre Schaeffer composed his first work using daily sound material (a.o. derived from sounds from trains in his Cinq études de bruits (Five Etudes of Noise)). Dhomont harks back to the same sound materials for all four pieces as Schaeffer used. Of course through the use of the new techniques it all sounds very different. Whereas the original “Five Etudes” last 15 minutes or so, this CD takes up 50 or so minutes. In Novars Dhomont samples the sounds of Schaeffer and plays around with them, either by time stretching, filtering, looping etc. And this is what’s going on in the three other pieces as well. Dhomont has a very classical approach to the material, his approach is not very different or new then from most of the other composers on empreintes DIGITALes. Much reverb, oscillators and filters transform the sound in tumbling parts that fall over each other. Not a bad thing, but in every sense, classical.