Off the Spine

Darren Bergstein, e/i magazine, no. 1, March 31, 2003

From the innovative, origami paper jewel case (a No Type trademark) right through to the disc’s crunchy megalomania, no analogs exist for ascribing parallels to Podweek. Brillo-techno manufactured in Canada since 1995 (the earliest listed date for the tracks on this collection of ‘œuf-history’), Frédérick Blouin, aka Oeuf Korreckt, is credited with being influenced by Black Dog, Orbital, Rotterdam hardcore, Björk and Autechre. Faint echoes of the latter’s Incunabula crop up here and there (on 1999’s Before Bedtime), and the Rotterdam connection makes its presence known during the bassball stomp of A Ride in Elephant City (nods to Atom Heart circa 1990 as well). Otherwise, styles implode in short order and markers become irrelevant. The most recent work here, 2001’s We Have Arrived, runs the IDM treadmill at modest speed, the whoop and holler of its electronics and snarling snaredrums a bark or two removed from the Dog. Blouin thumbs his nose at the ultra-serious laptop cadre on Screw my Samples, a rollercoaster ride around theme park mountain peaks that, despite the monotone pulse informing its plugins, whirls a singleminded dervish dance replete with pop-mocking beats. On Taco Fiesta, 303 moisture missiles are hurled at you with devilish abandon, the incessant flatulations and strangled synths a turgid mass uncomfortably occupying your colon. Ruffly is a bit less taxing, trashcan-lid cymbal crashes aside, but once it settles into a locked steam-engine groove, it’s simply surrender or die. Œuf to one side, the laptop techie grins, stroking all the Korreckt keys.

Oeuf to one side, the laptop techie grins, stroking all the Korreckt keys.