John Gibson, Grooves, no. 10, May 1, 2003

A self-taught Parisian musique concrète composer, Marchetti pays homage to the pioneering days of that movement with an affectionate piece that honours Pierre Schaeffer. Constructed largely from samples of locomotives and designed specifically to be played in mono, this sparse, 20-minute piece might well be intended to evoke the image of a ghost train, rather than a simple overnight ride. Voices, where they do appear, seem eerily fractured, much of the train sampling is affected with a disorienting echo and reverb, or else sounds distant. There’s even a sample from the late Jim Morrison at around the 12-minute mark.

Probably intended as an acknowledgment that past eras can never be accurately recreated in the present, Train de nuit (Noord 3-683) is unsettling and well worth a listen.

… unsettling and well worth a listen.…

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