Andrea Ferraris, Chain DLK, October 25, 2005

Composer Paul Dolden arrives at his fourth album on the prestigious canadian label empreintes DIGITALes. As you probably know if you ever heard something on this label you know they often deal with material that’s “learned music”, but at the same time their rooster is full of musicians with a big personality: the obvious result is that the most of their releases is simply out of ordinary. Paul Dolden shows he combined such a big range of influences that’s hard to think how he can mix it all together, do you think I’m exaggerating?… ok, who else ever mixed together “contemporary classic music” (it reminds me basically of many contemporary american composer of the last half of Twentieth century), keyboards that “taste” of Mike Oldfield crossed with Philip Glass, fast guitar-solos in the style of Satriani tripping for Paganini exercises and a good amount of studio production? The first four tracks are different movements of Dolden’s latest work: Entropic Twilights, The Gravity of Silence. Resonance #5 and The Heart Tears itself Apart with the Power of its own Muscle. Resonance #3 (great title!!) instead have been composed in the midst of the nineties, but the personal style of this composer was already formed therefore it all sounds homogeneous. Can you imagine “contemporary-classic-glam-music”?… well that’s it! I think there’s a lot of irony in the music and in the approach of this canadian: on the cover of this digipack there’s the shadow of a long haired biker playing a violin while flying surrounded by mountains, some guitar necks are hanging on the back of his motorcycle and instead of being followed by gas his bike is followed by notes. I can’t say I’ve been blown away by this cd but for sure I’ve never heard anything like that before.

… for sure I’ve never heard anything like that before.