Raf Katigbak, Montreal Mirror, October 27, 2005

A messy, grungy, fist-pumping lo-fi blast from L.A. noisemonger and self-proclaimed “beatpunk” Todd Drootin. Recreating the frenetic guitar strumming and bass-guitar pounding of punk and the head-bobbing pulse of hip hop is nothing new to Drootin, whose previous releases on No Type and Deathbomb Arc exploded the staid preconceived notions of so-called IDM. With a decidedly cheap and energetic aesthetic, Drootin’s live gigs have become likened to watching a mad scientist off his Ritalin. Think Kid606 on cough syrup — fun-filled and furious! 8/10

A messy, grungy, fist-pumping lo-fi blast…

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