Andrea Ferraris, Chain DLK, March 26, 2007

The more I think to labels like empreintes DIGITALes the more I think these people deserve a monument, not just for the fact they put out top notch material with beautiful packaging but also for the fact they’re not afraid to release contemporary music with a strong “experimental accent.”

For those of you who’ve never heard of Francis Dhomont, you’d better give a check to his biography since it looks like this man is one of the beginners of “musique concrète” that itself makes real the “history’s what’s happening” in the way the Ex meant it back in the days. This collection of compositions ranging from 1998 to 2004 will bring your hear into a contemporary - classic - electronic dimension. I’m writing that for those more confidential with the genre, therefore while being really different, who’s friendly with some electronic composition of people like Maderna, Berio, Stockhausen, Schaeffer, I think what we’re talking about. This “collected works” present the most introspective and abstract side of Dhomont and the title … et autres utopies (… and other utopias) is quite explicit in this sense and more than ever in a dark age like this there’s no dichotomy with “abstraction” and “introspection” it’s almost like talking about the same thing. While forging / choosing every single sound accurately the French composer didn’t forget to keep his mind fixed on the construction idea that’s why even when abstraction gets high we’re far from hearing “random noise.” I think some passages betrays an incredible taste for tension/release like in Voyage-miroir, not to speak about the title track where dissolution casts the listener in a sort of house of mirrors. It’s hard to get deep in the complexity of such a work but I suggest you to look for a way out from the synaptic labyrinth of Dhomont.

This “collected works” present the most introspective and abstract side of Dhomont