Tiina Kiik, The WholeNote, October 1, 2007

Voz is an enigma. I really can’t figure it out. Not that I haven’t tried. I listen and intently follow the comprehensive trilingual liner notes which provide an in-depth “Narrative” of each of the four three-part musical sections of guitarist/composer Arturo Parra’s self-proclaimed “sound poem”. There are ships and water and fire and poets and rain and sirens and so on. I read and reread as I listen. Maybe there is just something wrong with my stream of consciousness.

Then the most amazing thing happens. I lose the liner notes. Can’t find them anywhere. Now I am forced to only listen to the music. Whoa!! Maybe I just want to write my own story. Parra plays with a free spirited sense of musicality that makes me sit really, really straight in my chair. There are exquisite melodic interludes, seductive minimalistic sections, and heart-thumping rhythms. Parra’s intelligent mastery of the guitar and subtle vocalizations are only slightly overshadowed by his unique compositional acuity. Add to this an electrifying performance, and I succumb to over 60 minutes of uninterrupted musical joy!

The liner notes miraculously reappear from the depths of the sofa. No longer are the sirens such a mystery to me. Voz becomes a gem in my musical jewellery box!

Voz becomes a gem in my musical jewellery box!