Boban Ristevski, Igloo, September 9, 2003

Books on Tape is Todd Drootin who is known from his MP3-label Subverseco. Todd also makes music as Click Tracy and is involved in few other projects like Dewey Decimator (with Kerri Kerrang), Sluts On Tape (with Eryk Salvaggio), Tape Science Version (with Dustin Craig) and Box Social (with David Klotz). You can find MP3s from many of these names at Subverseco.

What’s important to say about Todd’s musical influences is that he’s a huge fan of Pavement, Sonic Youth, The Pixies, Art Ensemble Of Chicago (and lots more) and calls his electronic music style “beatpunk”. It’s music with lots of energy, noisy beats and often unconventional rhythms — loud, beat-oriented and uncompromising songs. Not being a personal interpretation of a well known musical expression, Books on Tape goes in another direction - fresh, new, funny and yet very serious and adventurous. Sings the Blues is recommended for those who like great new adventures in lo-fi music.

… fresh, new, funny and yet very serious and adventurous.