Listening Diary

François Couture, Monsieur Délire, June 9, 2009

Let’s start the day with some electroacoustic music. This new CD by Jacques Tremblay is uneven, but certainly not uninteresting. Three works. First is Espresso Espressivo (12 minutes), a piece about… coffee! I don’t like coffee (I’m a tea man), but I appreciate this classy collage of form plays and sound plays around the brown bean (although the reference to Gainsbourg is so easy it’s cheap). L’énigme anima (9 minutes) is the most abstract piece on the program, and its esthetics is very close to Yves Daoust. The piece de résistance is Empathies entropiques (47 minutes), about otherness and based on conversations in various foreign languages, seemingly captured on the fly. […] I’ll need to give it another listen if I want to make up my mind.

… classy collage of form plays and sound plays…