Dolf Mulder, Vital, no. 411, February 18, 2004

These two are new sound manipulators to me. Jon Vaughn is an audio-visual artist, DJ, writer, and events programmer. Max Haiven is an audio/video artist. These two canadian students worked for a period of 3 years on Front. They presented their work at the Rien à voir festival in october 2003 in Montréal. And now No Type released this ‘tour de force’ on CD. If I’m rightly informed this is for both of them their first release of a greater work. Front is a radical and challenging work, a complex composition that consists of 33 pieces. These pieces differ a lot in sound and sound material used. Also they are very differently structured. So they put a lot of original ideas in this one. “The composers have integrated in the work their own feelings & experiences towards the ambient cultural narrative and pop music in particular.” No doubt about their love for experiment. In the end not all 73 minutes of it are worthwhile, but these guys surely deliver with Front an interesting visiting card.

No doubt about their love for experiment […] these guys surely deliver…