Neural, December 8, 2022

Once referred to as the ‘Harry Potter of the digital vanguard’, Eryk Salvaggio was an early pioneer of the net art movement. His focus now is still relentless. Salvaggio uses artificial intelligence as a tool for art, examining generative adversial networks, natural language processing and data sonification through the lens of avant-garde practices influenced by Dada, Fluxus and the Situationists. The Organizing Committee uses machine learning to create breezy cyborg pop songs that subvert dominant narratives and ideologies surrounding AI. Salvaggio has created a parallel universe where krautrock bands play on the mainframe and shrill, synthesized voices sing of the destructive, delusional habits of the human race. The eleven tracks on this album reference many alternative musical trends of recent decades including synth-pop, post-rock and new wave. Salvaggio blends everything together seamlessly in a style that is both computational and confrontational – no surprise from an artist who was once banned from eBay for trying to sell his personal contempt to the highest bidder! The Day Computers Became Obsolete features an unrivalled mix of retro-future vocals, cool guitar riffs and synthetic rhythms, all supported by keyboards and a wide range of floating, ephemeral digital effects. In Salvaggio’s latest offering criticism and irony go side by side – although the years of cyber enthusiasm may be far behind us, the idea that the future may be different has not yet been completely lost.

… an unrivalled mix of retro-future vocals, cool guitar riffs and synthetic rhythms…