Ios Smolders, Vital, no. 19, April 1, 1991

Normandeau’s compositions are for the largest part acousmatic. Acousmatic is a term that comes from the Pythagorean brotherhood, who had to listen to lectures delivered from behind a curtain. In an acousmatic musical composition the apprehension of sound has no relation to its source. I don’t really know what Mr. Normandeau’s exact interpretation of this is, as it is very difficult for a listener ‘not’ to perceive the sources of the sounds in his music.

But, that put aside, listening to Lieux inouïs (Unheard-of Places) is a very rewarding effort. The music is bound thematically (e.g. Jeu is a travel along all aspects of game and play) and musically left much more free, although there is a strong stuctural set-up. In contrary to lots of electroacoustic works wich constantly make the listener aware of the fact that he/she is listening to something very technical Normandeau’s pieces develop quite naturally. Following the acousmatic character, the music sounds like a sonic film.

… listening to Lieux inouïs is a very rewarding effort.