Neslon L, Stylus Magazine, February 1, 2004

Todd Drootin a.k.a. Books on Tape has offered up some of his best work yet on Sings the Blues. Todd’s production on this album is the type of beautiful sorrow that keeps you listening, although not all of the songs are emotional; Books on Tape is a great mixture of hype tracks and heartfelt beats. The second song, Republic Of, is a perfect example of the blues element of the album. Books on Tape is a producer, and although there is no singing on the album, it is still tremendously entertaining; Books on Tape can tell a story in a song without even using words. With his past catalogue of work, it seems Books on Tape will leave his mark as one of the great producers. Track four is a lot more hyped up, but the title She’s Dead To Me suggests the emotions he is trying to communicate. The ninth track Circus Animal Battle Rap (instrumental), also an instrumental, offers comic relief in the form of a circus seal sample amidst a hot beat. This is a great album from start to finish.

This is a great album from start to finish.