Alan Freeman, Audion, no. 18, June 1, 1991

This CD certainly collates some of the most revolutionary and inventive electronic music composers in Canada today along with a few such explorers of other nationalities.

Of course, a collectfon of 25 pieces on any other medfum other than CD would be most troublesome, especially, as is often the nature with electroacoustic music, spaces within tracks may be part of the music, and wlthout much melodic structure one track can seem to flow into another, even when subsequent tracks may be very different. The track index on the CD player makes it plain who you are listening to all the time. Thus a-part from being an excellent compilatfon it ls also a good sampler/reference tool for checking out the various artists featured.

To review the individual tracks would be of course pointless — if you’re at all interested, let the music and informative collection of inserts do their own talking by introducing a world of music that certainly deserves wider recognition.