This may (or may not) compute

Los Angeles Times, January 2, 2003

One of these days, Todd Drootin says of his atypically frenetic electronic stage show, “I’ll probably fall and hurt myself”. But those are the risks for the harried knob-twiddler who titled his album Throw Down Your Laptops because, he says, “I don’t think a laptop is a way to do a live show.” Drootin, who performs under the name Books on Tape, brings his pedal-pushing, dial-spinning show downtown to the Smell on Jan. 11. If Throw Down Your Laptops is any indication, expect a melange of sequencers, effects and digi-beats, all stirred into an edgy froth the L.A. artist describes as “beatpunk.” His music, with influences ranging from underground hip-hop to “really quirky rock with a lot of character,” has been used on MTV’s The Real World and Road Rules.

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