Train de nuit (Noord 3-683) (CD 3") Track listing detail

Train de nuit (Noord 3-683)

Lionel Marchetti

  • Year of composition: 1997-99
  • Duration: 21:50
  • Instrumentation: mono fixed medium

“We have to imagine the first steps of Musique Concrète, in the studio, during the 40s of the last century, like a strange and disturbing face to face between a Loud Speaking unique diaphragm and the Ear Head of the listener. Even though from the beginning, its creators often wanted it to be heard on a multi-phonic device, I still wonder whether this music hasn’t lost its original specificity through this practice. As a native experience, it has tackled and felt, at stake with the focal point as a near magical instance. By leaning above this well of sounds, it becomes possible to enjoy a real encounter with the true location of all sounds in the World. How could we work poetics today with in our hands the simplicity of a sound that speaks rather than a profusion of techniques? Train de nuit (Noord 3-683) is played in concert on one loudspeaker and should be played as so on record.”

— LM

Musique concrète for one loudspeaker composed in 1998-99 at CFMI in Lyon (France).

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