Bouquet of Sounds (2 × CD) Track listing detail

Jukurrpa — Quatre rêves

Pierre Couprie

  • Year of composition: 2001, 07
  • Duration: 10:51
  • Instrumentation: fixed medium
  • Commission: Ina-GRM


John Young

  • Year of composition: 1999
  • Duration: 7:24
  • Instrumentation: stereo fixed medium

Sju was awarded the 3rd prize ex æquo at the 4th Concorso Internazionale di Composizione Musicale Elettronica Pierre Schaeffer) (Pescara, Italy, 2003) and was recorded on the disc 4° Concorso Internazionale di Composizione Musicale Elettronica Pierre Schaeffer.


  • February 4, 2000, Aural Kinetics, Foyle Studio — Midlands Arts Centre, Birmingham (England, UK)


Oh là la radio

Leigh Landy

  • Year of composition: 2006-07
  • Duration: 8:48
  • Instrumentation: 8-channel fixed medium
  • Commission: Ina-GRM

Circles of Strangers (Circle 3)

Rob Weale

  • Year of composition: 2007
  • Duration: 10:35


Simon Emmerson

  • Year of composition: 1999, 2000
  • Duration: 13:49
  • Instrumentation: fixed medium
  • Commission: Ina-GRM

Earth, Air, Fire, Water: the four fundamental elements of nature. But from the comfort of our homes can we really understand what happens in the horrors of conflict? The earth is scorched, the wind blows cold, fire destroys homes, it rains and yet there is no clean water to drink.

The music in Frictions has been developed from the sounds of rattles, gourd instruments and maracas I obtained in Zimbabwe and Brazil, as well as fricative sounds from a set of African drums.

We might just hear the voices crying from afar if we listen hard enough. This work is dedicated to the victims.

[source: Réseaux des arts médiatiques]


  • April 17, 1999, Multiphonies 1998-1999: Concert, Salle Olivier Messiaen — Maison de la radio, Paris (France)

Kaleidoscope: Arcade

Peter Batchelor

  • Year of composition: 2004
  • Duration: 8:37
  • Instrumentation: 12-channel fixed medium

Analogies of Control

Rick Nance

  • Year of composition: 2005
  • Duration: 11:48
  • Instrumentation: fixed medium

Retrocoagulant Vox

Bret Battey

  • Year of composition: 2001
  • Duration: 11:34
  • Instrumentation: bass trombone and fixed medium
  • Commission: Chad Kirby

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