Dialogics (CD) Track listing detail


David Keane

  • Year of composition: 1988
  • Duration: 10:10
  • Instrumentation: clarinet and stereo fixed medium


David Keane

  • Year of composition: 1987
  • Original work: 40020
  • Version: Arr. David Keane, 1990
  • Duration: 14:23
  • Instrumentation: English horn and system


David Keane

  • Year of composition: 1990
  • Duration: 11:08
  • Instrumentation: baritone saxophone and fixed medium


David Keane

  • Year of composition: 1992
  • Duration: 12:26
  • Instrumentation: bass clarinet and fixed medium


David Keane

  • Year of composition: 1991, 93
  • Duration: 15:17
  • Instrumentation: bass trombone and fixed medium

In Wervelwind — Flemish for “whirlwind” — the trombonist performs while continuously rotating, the shifting direction and reflection generating a powerful effect. This excerpt is from a recording in preparation for a CD of five works for solo wind instrument and electronics [QUM, release: March, 1993]. The rotation was captured by a single microphone and re-stereoized using the Focal Point 3-D sound process.

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