V. V.

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Crippled Intellect Productions and Crank Satori are proud to announce their co-release of the first CD by v.v., note. v.v. are the initials of Ven Voisey, a sound artist and sculptor from Oakland (California, USA). note evolves as a series of meticulously crafted sound events drawn from myriad sources, including a dynamic range of hisses, crackles, and tonal hums,field recordings, electronics, and acoustic instruments. While his work has been placed in the same arena as artists such as Joe Colley (Crawl Unit) and Toshiya Tsunoda, Ven’s deft composing skills and innate sense of sound elements clearly define him as an artist with a unique vision for realizing captivating and rewarding audio. Ven’s previous titles on cassette and CD-R has been met with critical acclaim.

  • Compositeur·trice(s): V. V.

CD (CIP 06)

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