Estes Places Piedmont Sorpid

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With an almost complete abandonment of previous tape manipulated musical experiments as found on “The sugars of the eyes”, “Estes places” dabbles with the creative possibilities of 4 tracking, experimental instrumentation, samplers and close micing.

Meticulously crafted over two years of assemblage recording both at home in Southeastern British Columbia and during UK residence in Bristol, where he met and played with members of locally based groups Movietone, Crescent and up and coming scenesters, Bronze Age Fox and Minotaur Shock.

Using ambience conjoined with rock-debris as a loose theme,,“Estes places” delivers many delights in what is seemingly cheeky electronic music trying not to be. With this new direction in mind, it leaves the listener wondering what path Piedmont Sorpid will take next?

300 Editions - Wool slip cover with vellum paper insert.

Estes Places

Piedmont Sorpid