Poster No 3 Milliseconde topographie

Cet article est aussi inclus dans le coffret Posters No 1, 2, 3 CDR (EK 901).

Dernière d’une trilogie d’affiches urbaines (sérigraphie artisanale; tirage limité de 30 exemplaires). Image de Urban9 et trame sonore (CD-R) de Milliseconde topographie. Posté sous plis séparés.

  • Ekumen
  • EK 003 / 2006
  • Durée totale: 25:22

CDR-Audio + 1 affiche •• Note: ce CD-R a été produit en 2006

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Poster No 3

Milliseconde topographie

Nicolas Bernier, Delphine Measroch

  • CD-R + Affiche
    EK 003

La presse en parle


Frans de Waard, Vital, no 559, 9 janvier 2007

Ekumen is small net / CDR label from Montréal, city of many beautiful things as I recently experienced once again, and music is just one. There are three releases by Milliseconde topographie, which, if understood correctly, all deal with three posters created by Urban9, which were spread over the city of Montréal. These posters can be bought along with a soundtrack by Milliseconde topographie. I will discuss them here as a unit, since the musical divisions among them is not wide apart. It seems to me that Milliseconde topographie deal with processed acoustic music, somewhere in the digital domain. Piano and guitar sounds play an important role. That sounds off and on in a natural, unprocessed way, but also occasionally in a less regular way. Cracks, cuts and hiss leap in. On Poster No 1 this explodes half way through into a melancholic interplay of accordion, piano and guitar, in quite a nice way. Though not every piece is a standout, throughout Milliseconde topographie play an alright tune. I would like to suggest they take the best pieces of all three and make a proper, easier release on their label. The posters look nice, but I’m sure are not easy to send around. It’s a good point to start your journey in Montréal.

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