Love Me Two Times

Nmperign, Jason Lescalleet

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Love Me Two Times, the highly anticipated double-CD epic by Jason Lescalleet (tapeloops) and Nmperign (Bhob Rainey - soprano sax, and Greg Kelley - trumpet). The result of six years of live and studio collaboration, Love Me Two Times is by far the most ambitious and uncompromising statement yet by this formidable trio. The album begins as a more-or-less straight documentary-style recording of group improvisation, but don’t get too comfortable… over the course of the next two hours, the ground steadily shifts, the bottom drops out, and any expectations a listener may have had going in are thoroughly trampled. Join the group as they visit art galleries, rock clubs, living rooms, at least one church, and the kitchen of a famous chef, before finally putting a fist through an amplifier. Fans will find the usual ingredients here: crusty old reel-to-reel tape decks, cheap keyboards, amplified and acoustic horns… but rude tape splices, violent humor, and confusingly degraded fidelity push the music far from safe territory. The visceral drama of Love Me Two Times does not neatly spell out its intentions, nor does it signal exactly what it has up its sleeve. It exists in its own universe, demands repeat listens and to be taken on its own terms.

2 × CD (INT 026)

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