Fluid Freedom Octopus Inc

Couverture: Antti (Planet Moo)
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Noah Sasso further builds his style with his second Octopus Inc full-length for Kracfive. Since his works throughout the nineties as Pacman, Noah has developed with the mind of the mighty octopus a beautiful blend of electronic and acoustic instrumentation, where through clever sound design and processing one can’t be distinguished from the other. Love of detail doesn’t stop at the sonic design stage however; here the sounds are arranged into full things. Songwise the music is melodic as always and purposeful, with good use of space. Here it’s playtime, there a changing move to groove to, a bit of fun, and up over here a violent spasm. Where previous album ’Mere things..’ stepped comfortably through genres of electronic music of the past & future, Fluid Freedom moves into styles that haven’t even been discovered, accompanying pioneers such as Zammuto, We, Matmos, and Bisk.

Fluid Freedom

Octopus Inc

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