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Mutek is an annual international festival showcasing emerging forms of electronic music during five days of concerts and performances, bringing together over 60 of the most innovative artists in the field. The Mutek 04 compilation accompanies the 5th edition of Mutek, held in Montréal June 2-6, 2004. It contains unreleased tracks from a cross-section of artists present at the festival. Mutek 04 is the follow-up to the compilations that was produced during Mutek in 2001, 2002 and 2003. It is an essential addition to the CD collection of anyone interested in what’s new in the world of electronic music.

  • Mutek_rec
  • MTK 04 / 2004
  • UPC/EAN 777078910554
  • Durée totale: 149:29

Mutek 04

Artistes divers

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